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Babor Vita Balance Day Cream, 50mL, ID 420020

 For skin lacking moisture or oil.
A moisturizing day cream. Leaves the skin supple with long-lasting effect.  Balances the lipid content and improves elasticity. Contains the deep-action DEEP MOIST COMPLEX.
Contains liposomes with wheat proteins, Mexico honey and vitamin E


Babor Vita Balance Night Cream, 50mL, ID 420120

   For skin lacking moisture or oil.
  A night cream rich in active ingredients and with an enriched
consistency. Promotes cell regeneration overnight. Regulates the lipid content and thoroughly moisturizes the skin deep
down. Contains the innovative DEEP MOIST COMPLEX. Contains pure natural oils, shea butter and vitamin E.


Babor Vita Balance Concentrate 30mL, ID 42420

 For dry skin lacking natural moisture.
An intensively moisturizing active concentrate. Seals moisture in the skin's parched layers.  Smoothes dry lines.  Contains the deep-action DEEP MOIST COMPLEX. Contains Mexico honey, wheat proteins and panthenol.


Babor Vita Balance Mask, 50mL, ID 420720

   For skin lacking moisture or oil.
 A creamy, intensively
moisturizing mask. Regulates the skin's lipid and moisture content. Improves the elasticity of the skin and makes fine dryness lines vanish. Contains the deep-action DEEP MOIST COMPLEX. Contains wheat proteins,
sesame oil and meadow foam seed oil.



Babor Vita Balance Lipids Plus, 48 Capsules, ID 420320

For extremely dry skin lacking natural oils.

 Golden treatment capsules filled with precious, pure natural oils. Supplies the skin with added lipids. Makes tightness disappear and treats rough patches, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. With ginkgo biloba and vitamin E. Does not contain preservatives or emulsifiers.



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